Sewing Machines and Overlockers


There has been much in the press about sewing both as one of the few hobbies that can be enjoyed to the full during the Covid-19 Lockdown and as a way for the public to support the NHS by sewing face masks and scrubs.

Therefore the demand for lower and mid-level machines has rocketed and most brands have sold out. We know that many stockists are diverting their phone lines so that they can respond to customers and take the opportunity to sell off second-hand machines they have had for some time.

As we continue to live in extraordinary and challenging times, our suppliers Bernina and Pfaff report that the upsurge in the demand worldwide for sewing machines and overlockers has continued.

We will therefore strive to regularly update and indicate in these pages where stocks are low or exhausted for particular models, thus helping you to make sure you do not miss out on any remaining availability.

No one knows how long the current restrictions will last, but talking to people in the industry both in UK and overseas we think that the boom in sewing could continue for some time and that we might well be seeing a new generation of customers emerge. We also hope that supplies will increase again to a level that satisfies the demand and so future shortages are avoided.

We thank you for looking at our sewing machine options and apologise in advance if stocks of your selected model are now depleted.