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PREMIER+™ EXTRA lets you create and audition designs, PhotoStitch and quilt blocks automatically for your personalized project.

Includes all of the great features of PREMIER+™ EMBROIDERY, plus: Create designs, PhotoStitch and quilt blocks automatically for your personalized project


Modules include:

PREMIER+™ Explorer Plug-in
Managing your designs is easier than ever with the PREMIER+™ Explorer Plug-In. View embroideries and design files as thumbnail images, then sort, print, convert or send to certain connected embroidery machines.
PREMIER+™ Thread Cache
Organize and select from your own thread stash and even add new threads. Check your thread stock and prepare a shopping list for your mobile phone or tablet, or to print. Import new threads from a friend's embroidery!
PREMIER+™ Embroidery Extra
Create designs, PhotoStitch and quilt blocks automatically for your personalized project. Add decorations; create placement stitches automatically or crystal transfer templates. Audition on real garments, quilt blocks and fabrics.
PREMIER+™ Card Shop
Create one-of-a-kind, personalized embroidered greeting cards and more automatically. Select from more than 14,000 theme variations. Adjust design colors and lettering for your card, even in PREMIER+™ Embroidery Extra after saving.

All the PREMIER+™ Embroidery System packages contain these common features:

Real-world view:
See special effects in three dimensions, including puffy foam, appliqué fabrics and decorations like beads, sequins, hotfix crystals and nailheads. View designs with special felting, cutwork, twin and wing needles, or with techniques such as dual threads. Store special effects and colors right in your .vp4 files.In Life View, see your project in real-world perspective, varying the angle of the embroidery. Watch Solar Active and Glow in the Dark threads change!  See designs “stitching” on screen including stitchout hints with the Design Player.

Get Social:
Obtain pictures from social media and share pictures and videos of your projects on popular social media sites (Facebook®, YouTube®, Flickr®, Twitter®). The ribbon bar in many modules makes the programs easy to use. On Windows® 10 and Windows® 8 touchscreens, use touch gestures such as pinch Zoom, Autoscroll, and Select and Move.
Choose Colors:
Design with your choice of over 21,000 threads, even specialty threads, from 39 manufacturers or design multiple personal palettes. Adjust color tone, brightness and contrast to automatically select new threads.
Multi-Part Design Saving:
Design parts stay separate when you save, open and copy, allowing individual parts of a design to be modified after saving. Easily load and save most popular embroidery formats; Export is optimized for sewing.
Education Tools and Resources:
Friendly, helpful tooltips and extensive program help are built right in, plus Comprehensive User’s Guides and an Online Learning Center.  You will automatically receive the latest tools and improvements with Smart Update.



·         File types: Bernina ART (.art version 1-3)*, Brother/Babylock/Bernina PEC (.pec), Brother/Babylock/Bernina PES (.pes version 2-10), Compucon/Singer PSW (.xxx), Husqvarna Viking / Pfaff (.vp4, .vp3, .vip), Husqvarna (.hus, .shv), Janome (.jef, .sew), Melco (.exp), Pfaff (.pcs), Tajima (.dst), and Toyota (.10*).

·         Load designs by thumbnail view, search the name and notes or open by file name.

·         Multiple windows allow you to adjust, modify and create an unlimited number of designs, lettering and projects  “side by side”.

·         Design parts stay separate when you open, copy and save (multipart .vp4 native file format). Alignment stitches are stored as separate subdesigns for easy identification.

·         Duplicate designs automatically within a module without using Copy and Paste.

·         Export in the desired format according to the chosen options to optimize for sewing:

o   Remove Overlap automatically to avoid build-up of stitches; intelligently retains thin stitching lines.

o   Intelligent ColorSort reduces the number of thread changes without affecting the design integrity.

o   Optimize Stitch Length to remove unnecessary small stitches that increase the time spent embroidering.

o   Split embroideries automatically for your preferred turnable hoop (HUSQVARNA VIKING® DESIGNER™ MAJESTIC, PFAFF® creative™ GRAND DREAM and Brother Jumbo multipart hoops) with the minimum number of cuts.

o   Preview the exported embroidery in your chosen hoop (natural or rotated position).

·         Share pictures of your projects with your friends on popular social media sites (Facebook®, Flickr®, Twitter®, YouTube®). *Bernina ART (.art version 1, 2 and 3) can only be loaded.


*Bernina ART (.art version 1, 2 and 3) can only be loaded.