BERNINA DesignWorks Software Suite

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Creativity has three new dimensions: combine embroideries with CutWork, PaintWork, or CrystalWork. You'll be amazed at the magnificent effects you can achieve.

Supplied as DesignWorks Complete including needleplate.

BERNINA DesignWorks is a software suite consisting of three modules that can be applied independently of each other.

The PaintWork, CrystalWork and CutWork modules open up new dimensions of textile design.

BERNINA DesignWorks supports the personalized creative construction of patterns and forms as well as the editing of completed motifs and designs on your PC. The DesignWorks family includes the modules CutWork, PaintWork, and CrystalWork.

BERNINA CutWork Software
With BERNINA CutWork software, you can create premium openwork, appliqués, or multiple layers for quilting motifs – anything that can be cut out - very easily on your own PC. With the CutWork tool accessory, transform your embroidery machine into a precise cutting tool.
BERNINA PaintWork Software
With PaintWork software, individual patterns, motifs, or images can be created and edited which can then be independently painted in with your BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine.
BERNINA CrystalWork Software
Using the CrystalWork software you can create motifs that, with the help of the embroidery module and CrystalWork tools, can become motif templates for rhinestones. Your imagination will shine.
BERNINA DesignWorks Sepia Petals Companion
The collection is a supplement to PaintWork and CrystalWork from the DesignWorks software set. It contains 12 new motifs, as well as exercise units and a Quickstart Guide.